Nintendo Wii – 40 USD lucro por consola

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“A while ago, Nintendo announced it was turning a profit for every Wii sold. Since Microsoft loses $200 per Xbox 360 and Sony loses between $240 to $300 per PS3, it was a particularly surprising announcement. But just how much profit? Japanese site Toyokeizai Online breaks it down:

Part – Price in dollars
Graphics chip – 29.60
CPU – 13.00
DRAM – 7.80
Optical disk drive – 31.00
Power supply – 11.30
Assembly cost – 19.50
Cost total – 158.30

So there you have it. Analysts estimate that a $250 Wii costs $158.30 to manufacture. Of course, you have to remember the Wii Remote, the Nunchuk and Wii Sports which are all included in the $250 bundle. Including costs for everything, analysts say Nintendo is making $40 profit per Wii. The Wii has already sold over a million units worldwide. That’s 40 million profit for Nintendo, and some bigger negative numbers for Microsoft and Sony.”

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