D-Link DSM-520 e active-TV

Foi já noticiado que os novos D-Link DSM-520 iriam ter tecnologia Active-TV que permite ver no conforto da sala vídeos e filmes via internet de diversos canais mundiais. Foi também referido que esse update seria disponobilizado gratuitamente por upgrade de firmware aos actuais proprietários a 4 de Outubro, mas consultando a página do produto, essa data foi alterada e passou a ser: “New DSM-520 Firmware and active-TV ONLINE software will be available this month.”

Nas palavras das D-Link esta tecnologia Active-TV permite:

“D-Link active-TV ONLINE gives you access to more than 200 Internet video channels on your TV through your DSM-520 MediaLounge® Wireless HD Media Player!

The Internet universe. Your gateway to endless worlds of digital entertainment – TV programs, movies, YouTube clips, podcasts and more. And thousands of new videos arrive by the minute.

D-Link invites you to enjoy TV with virtually unlimited choice and take control of your viewing experience. It’s called active-TV ONLINE, available with your D-Link MediaLounge™ DSM-520 Wireless HD Media Player.

Unlike satellite or cable, a MediaLounge player with active-TV technology makes it easy to watch exactly what you want to watch, anytime, any place.

Learn how ActiveTV and your D-Link media player can open a world of entertainment
Learn how ActiveTV and your D-Link media player can open a world of entertainment
All your favorite content from the Internet is right there for you to choose.

You can even create, launch and share your own TV website with your home, hobby, sport and holiday videos, easily assembled online.

A MediaLounge player makes it easy to share your photos, personal videos and music by streaming them from your PC to your TV. Your passions. Your content. Easily shared with everyone around you, anytime you like.

So stop staring at your PC. It’s time to watch TV again. Only now, the programs are scheduled around you.”

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