D-link DSM-520: o que foi sendo alterado no firmware US?

Aqui fica uma lista das alterações nas diversas versões de firmware da versão americana (ainda não consegui encontrar as alterações para a versão 1.05, sem ser, claro está, a possibilidade de Active-Tv):

Version 1.04:

* Support for DVR-MS files
* Added quick jump button functionality
* Improved XVID performance

Version 1.03:

* Support fade in/out for photo slideshow
* Support album art for music player
* Support returning to now playing.
* Support WPA2/PSK for TKIP and AES
* Support HD photo under HD video output
* Remove choosing default media server. User chooses media server when accessing DMA Home page.
* Improve the support for protected video for higher bitrate.
* Support HD video up to 25Mbps for MPEG2
* Support HD WMV video up to 10Mbps.
* Improve the UI response time.
* Improved external UPNP control point functionality.
* Better support for the following media servers:
- WMP11
- Nero
- Tversity
* Improve vTuner support to play more stations.
* Improved screen saver functionality.
* Support file sizes greater than 4gb.
* Improve the wireless support.
* Improve audio output quality to reduce distortion.
* Improve TV Support with HDMI modes in an incorrect order.
* Improve USB thumb drive support.

Version 1.02:

* Online Media screens have been reorganized.
* Added support for Yahoo Music Engine.
* Added support for the vTuner Internet radio service.
* Radio@AOL service has been removed.
* Support for UPnP AV Control Point that allows a compliant server to gain playback control of the DSM-520.
* Picture-in-Picture (PIP) can be enabled/disabled from the Setup menu.
* Improve Live365 playback quality.
* Improved Wireless Site Survey performance.
* Improved support for DLNA-compatible media servers.

Version 1.01:

* Fix potential compatibility issues with HDMI.
* Fixed WMV file playback issues with TotalVid video files.
* Fixed Rhapsody radio bug which during radio station playback, pressing Next goes to the next track instead of next station.
* Fix bug with timebar which playing very short audio clip.
* Fixed bug with MSN music.
* Fixed DHCP bug so the correct device name will be displayed in router´s DHCP table.

Version 1.00:

* Shipping firmware

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